Monday, April 16, 2012

Is it Love?

Made it home this afternoon and getting ready to head up to the Missouri for the day tomorrow. One more day of events and then its time to get ready for things to start rolling around here.  Caddis shouldn't be but 2-3 weeks away, BWO's are out on the lower, probably some decent March Browns to be found on some of the smaller rivers right now too.

We did fish the Bitterroot last Thursday and it did suck. The bite generally seems to suck on most rivers when the flows are on the way up. The Bitterroot was no exception. Skwalas were out and the water was in ok shape, but they just weren't on the feed. Its probably dropping today and will fish really well as flows drop if we get the cooler weather I keep hearing folks talk about.

I didn't take too many photos that day as it sucked, but got home and noticed that I got too nymphs doing something in the pic above. At first I thought it was an adult that just emerged from its exoskeleton but after looking at the whole series of shots, it appear to be a little pre-pubescent stonefly love going on?

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