Thursday, May 24, 2012


. Oh man oh man, I\'m tired. Lots of wind today as well, plus some rain and temps in the 40\'s. Probably just colder and wetter tomorrow, maybe windier too. Perfect for working those kinks out of the cast, managing line, and understanding what a dead drift is!
The fish were eating well today, but not as well as they have been. I assume it had something to do with the cooler weather as they were much less grabby at times than they have been. There was a significant bwo hatch today and fish were chowing but we weren\'t going to be making any 40 foot casts in the wind we were dealing with.
Oh well, maybe it will settle tomorrow and we can go after some rising fish, if not, we\'ll be throwing scuds and little green machines instead.


john said...

How about teaching people to not hurt the trout and keep their fingers out of the gills.

Billythebarellyalivebrowntrout said...

How about teaching people the correct way to hold fish, instead of inserting their fingers inside their gill plate.

Toby Swank said...

Its much easier to hold them with your hands in the gill plates...duh. I always ask folks to hold the fish properly so we can take a quick photo as I want to get the fish back in the water quickly and unharmed. Funny thing about this fish is that it had its gill rakes sticking out its plate on the other side of its face from someone ripping them out. Always a tough thing for people to do properly without dropping the fish and there is usually a lot going on from a long fight, netting boat, clearing hooks, getting the angler ready, while managing boat and keeping the fish in the water.