Friday, June 01, 2012


So great to be back in the shop for a few day today. I love the river and the world of trout, but there are now times when the shop feels like home too. I've got a great group of dudes working with me right now and they do their best to make it all work despite me! I need to take some pics and get them up on here and Facebook of the new shop look for everyone. Lots of planning, work, and money has gone into creating this cozy little fly shop in 4-corners where we just try to keep it all real and live the life that so many wish they had! I'm fond of saying that it's all work in my world...I fish, guide, do some photography ( keep an eye out for some of my shots in upcoming issue of the drake, American angler, and the fly fish journal)and work in the fly shop so whether I'm casting a line, snapping a fee frames, or rowing down a's all work!

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