Wednesday, June 06, 2012


I should have time to write more meaningful post sometime in the near future as the wife and I are heading to Belize in a couple of days. We're closing on our new house tomorrow and heading to Dallas to drop the wee one off with my parents for a week. Things have been going crazy for awhile now, but some serious R&R is coming my way soon.
What does a fishing guide do on vacation? Fish. So, is it work or is it play? I prefer to roll with the idea that they are one in the same. I've been picking up crab and poon patterns here and there the last few weeks along with borrowing a 12 weight here, stumbling across an 11 there, buying a crossover rod, maybe a reel too, new lines, and more with hopes that this will be the time for just a little bit of everything. With my luck, which has been pretty good the last 6 weeks BTW, I expect to have the tendons in my casting elbow snap about 4 hours into the first day. Got another injection last week with the hope that I get through a week of throwing 10 and 12 weights free of pain.
Once we get back, its back to biz as usual for me which means a little working in the shop and lots of working on the rivers around SW Montana, There has been a lot going on around the shop with new inventory, new employees, and just an all around busier spring than we've seen the last couple of years. I think we're all a little burned out already! So, here's to Belize!

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