Monday, July 30, 2012


What a wild day and a half it's been! Thought we lost our golden forever only to find him stuck under our deck. So, I spent the last while driving all around the area and completley distracted on my trip this morning.
Anyway, all is good again. We fished the EG today and found gobs of fish eating Tricos like fiends this morning. Only problem was that there were in pods of 50+ fish and spookier than hell. Still managed to miss a few and get a few too. Ended up nymphing late morning and got them pretty well in a few of the deeper holes. Had a couple browns trying to eat a little rainbow, threw a streamer and got one of them. Overall, a great day today and all is lets hope for that mud on the yellerstone to work it's way through!

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Anonymous said...

all i have to say is where was the love??? nothing. crickets. got your mojo back for you and we get nuttin.