Thursday, August 02, 2012


Went back to the stone today to see if the fish would finally eat again. Slow morning but plenty of eats this afternoon which ended up saving much more than my wounded ego after the last couple of days. Stuck with nymphs all day, save a little hopper toss late morning when the wind was blowing 20 and gusting 30. Fish ended up eating some stonefly nymphs fairly regularly where they are supposed to eat stonefly nymphs.
But, more than that, it was one of those days during which I was reminded of how lucky I am to be working on a river surrounded by the beauTy of Montana, hanging out with fun folks and trying to catch some wild trout. I've been feeling the burnout coming my way the last couple of weeks and today was a great change of pace with the expectations of trying to just catch a few fish, maybe teach a thing or two, and marvel at everything around us.
I've been working the crap out of the stone the last few days and just haven't been able to get the trout to eat anything with much consistency. So, when they stared eating what they should, where they should be this afternoon, all became right with the world again.
I'm off to SLC in the morning to attend some ginormous Outdoor Retailer trade show, be back on Sunday morning, back at it on Monday. Enjoy the cooler days coming our way!

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