Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Felt like fall this morning and that was the sentiment of everyone at the boat ramp this morning on the lower. Lots of other guides had the same idea this morning as I did when we awoke to clouds and a call for the highs near 60 for a change. So, Pete and I embarked on the first of many days ahead and proceeded to end up with a bunch of fish impaling themselves on Pete's crayfish. It was hit and miss this morning, literally...hit and then miss...but things came right for the old man after lunch and he got it done very well.
One thing I can always count on when Pete shows up is for the bite to turn on. At 86, he continues to fish hard and hook a lot of fish most days. We should change that tomorrow as we're heading for the land of moose and beaver, but he'll probably do well there too. He's the perfect example of you cant catch fish if your junk ain't in the water. He usually fishes about 3 feet past my oars, dries, nymphs, streamers and somehow always finds the dumb ones. Here's to dumb fish, never enough of them.


Anonymous said...

Nice work, mediocre fishing in 70 degree water. Was it worth killing all those fish?

Toby Swank said...

Check out the oxygen levels in that water, I was off at 2:30 btw. All fish gently released to live another day, thanks for the concern.