Saturday, August 18, 2012


Took my dad and a buddy up to the upper Yellowstone yesterday in search of some little cutties eating dries up above Yankee Jim. I don't get to fish up there much as there are forest service permits required for commercial use of the boat ramps, but I manage to fish it a day or two a year and always have  a good time. Something to be said for catching little cutties on dries from time to time.
The fishing was ok, not as many looking up for the hard eat as we'd liked but more than enough to make it a good day. The water up there is weedy, as weedy as I can ever remember it so nymphing wasn't really a choice, but we probably did better on a dropper off a dry than anything. Saw some little PMD's in the afternoon and fish eating them from time to time as well. That part of the river is just amazing though in terms of the scenery which always makes for a great time in my book.

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