Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Spent the last 2 days doing some business, non-guide, related work with some Orvis dudes and other dealers around the region. Yesterday was meetings all day with a presentation of the new products for 2013 as well as some "bigger picture" discussions. As far as new stuff for next year goes, the H2 Helios and Silver Sonic waders are the biggest and brightest things on the slate. They are also offerring most of their packs in a digital camp color option. I need to do some shop time and get some reviews up on the rods and waders...later this week.
Fished Depuy's with a bunch of folks today. It was windier than hell, but managed to get a BWO hatch mid-day which brought some fish to the surface for a spell. I was feeling good about myself this am as I got some fish on gongas and had a bunch of chasers and swatters too. Streamer bite died off around noon or so once the bugs started moving around.

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