Friday, October 19, 2012


Worked in the shop the last couple of days, getting caught up on several months of being behind. Number one priority right now is finishing our inventory and working on orders for 2013, first of which is the flies. I started down the dark path of rearranging flies yesterday and a can of worms was opened. Lots of empty bins right now and trying to figure out where everything should go and what to order for next year.
However, the kids have been out of school the last 2 days so I took the youngest to work with me yesterday for 1/2 a day. At some point, I decide that he is at the age to learn to tie flies. AFter a few minutes, he had his first worm done! I think should be able to move hime into full production of all of our worms in the next 6 months! How great would that be? Stop on in the shop and watch a 6 yr old tie 100 doze worms a day! The future is now.

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