Sunday, October 28, 2012


Back to reality tomorrow which includes pre-seasons and hopefully a functioning website. Drama always seems to find me.
Spent the last 1.5 days playing around on the Beaverhead. It is very low right now, weedy, and full of fish on the reeds. There was a time in my life during which my favorite thing in the world was fishing to spawners. Now, it just makes me feel dirty and dumb. Not that I think it really matters as we are the top of the food chain, but I've been conditioned over the years to think that the fish should be left alone while trying to do their things. That line of thinking must have finally sunk in with me and to be honest, I miss the days when I did not know better.
So, I picked a few off below and around the reeds and still felt guilty so I threw some streamers in non-reed places and picked up a few and felt better about myself. Went to one of my favorite old haunts this morning and got frustrated watching fish feeding on nymphs about a foot below the surface. Threw the full monty at them and walked away feeling dirty and rejected. Other than that, enjoyed some time on the water trying to fish more than take photos and had plenty of laughs and in between times to make it a trip worth making.

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John said...

Great to see the website back up, must be a huge relief! The alternative doesn't bear thinking about!! External back-up in the safe?!