Monday, November 05, 2012


Darkness comes early now, so bedtime seems much closer than it did a week ago. Nothing like going to bed at 8, feeling like you put a full day in at the ol' game' of life. Spent yesterday with the family, cruising through YNP looking for whatever it is that folks look for in YNP. The place always amazes me and takes me back to my early years of traveling with the grandparents, looking for Yogi and wondering what it must have been like to stumble into that place back in the days of L&C.
On with orders today, wrapping up fly orders and onto the meat of the business now. Should have some pretty substantial progress by week's end. Right now, the struggle is over sunglasses and hoodies.
Trying to muddle through the minutia this week so that I can enjoy the corporate retreat next week. Taking some of the guys down to Texass for the week to do some chasing of Redfish around Rockport.   Looking forward to that more so than working on sunglass orders tomorrow!

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