Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The year is winding down and I've been ruminating on 2012 and all of the various adventures that are now in the proverbial rearview mirror of my aquatic life. I think I'll try to put some of them to cyber ink over the coming weeks. Some of the highlights involve starting off the trip to NZ at a dinner table watching a buddy pull pins out of another buddies thumb, getting locked in BFE NZ, my first Tarpon, my first photo cover, stripping X-Caddis, and an indian named Red Gun.

However, before I go there, a dear family member on my wife's side of the family passed away last weekend. I got to know Charlie a little bit over the years and, though he was a NY Giants fan, he was a helluva good guy and will be sorely missed. He always provided me with some entertaining conversation at all those family get togethers back in Ohio where I was vastly outnumbered. I'll always be grateful for his kindness, enthusiasm for my family, his constant presence at family get togethers, and just the way he cared for my wife. I got to take him fishing a few years ago on the upper Madison, maybe the only time he ever fly-fished, and explain to him why the upper Madison sucks and fish don't actually eat Salmonflies when I'm on the water. Still, he managed to foul hook one on a dry and we had an epic battle on our hands. It was a fun day and I'm sorry that I won't be able to do it again with him.

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