Sunday, December 16, 2012


Work-filled weekend as the weather did less than inspire a quick trip out to the lower today. So, working away on computer crap and thinking about the things to come. Got a message from a buddy in NZ this afternoon...might have to check flights for February. Honestly, I'm not missing going this year, but I still wouldn't rule it out.
Went over to the Gallatin this morning to see what it looked like as the nights have been cold the last few. It looked good, no shelf ice to speak of and no slush ice either. Although the river gets a lot of winter pressure around Big Sky, the mid-valley stuff usually sees a lot less traffic during the winter and nymphs really well. I always wonder why everyone runs up the canyon or to...shhhh...don't tell anyone Willam's Bridge when this is a great time to stick closer to 4-Corners without the crowds of summer.

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