Friday, February 22, 2013


It has been a much busier week around here than I had anticipated including trying to put the store back together after last weekends wall removal project and a quick trip to Utah for a few days. Lots of exciting things going on right now, but not much on the water.
I had lots of time to think on my drive to Utah, mostly about how fortunate and grateful I am to live where I do and do what I do. I can honestly say that there is no place between here and SE Utah that I'd rather live than here in the Bozone.
A year ago today, I was on the side of a stream in NZ with a buddy of mine staring into water that looked like a lead coated window. I thought I saw a fish, made an awesome cast and an even better mend and was shocked at the sight of a trout's mouth actually opening to eat my dry. In a rare moment of angling perfection, I even actually landed the fish. We found another fish eating away just a few runs up and my buddy made the cast, got the eat, and hooked the fish. There was a moment there when we both thought to ourselves that this was THE DAY. He played the fish well, I whacked the tippet with the net and the fish was gone. I don't know that we cast to another feeding fish the rest of the day.
Sure, landing that fish was special, along with the entire day to be honest.
Like that day a year ago, today is my birthday. Although I was not on the water today, that feeling of this is THE DAY was with me all day and its nice to be able to think to myself that this feeling is becoming much more familiar these days!

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Anonymous said...

how come your cast was 'awesome' and an even better mend and your buddy's was just a cast and got the eat? either an awesome cast and mend are apparently unnecessary or unrelated to the take or you are downplaying your buddy's presentation. I suspect the latter.