Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Ok, so here's an update and a promise. Wrapped up the week in the DR with the family this past weekend. Great time hanging out by pools, walking on beaches, eating, eating, and then eating some more. Played Tennis just about everyday and my wife kicked my ass the last day out which was embarrassing. I did play golf with my dad one day...funny how my skills at Tiger Woods for Wii while well on my way to an ambien induced nirvana don't seem to translate to real life golf.
Other than that, I also managed to nearly drown my 5 year old while trying to surf some waves that were a little bigger than out sit on top kayak could handle. I managed to step on a sea urchin while rescuing him. That was pretty exciting. All was good in the end and a fun time was had by all overall. We flew back to Dallas on Saturday via Charlotte where I apparently ate something that sucked as I woke up puking my guts out from 2 am to 10 am, got a fever, and laid in bed whining until my mom made me some soup around 6 that evening. Manged to miss my flight back to Bozeman in the process. Got back to Bozeman last night around 6... Oh and also my wife and kid came home on Sunday and had to find my car parked in the airport parking lot...I did not know where I parked it. Anyway, got back to Bozeman last night, did laundry went to bed, got up this morning, packed for a trip to SLC, heade out the door to buy some lighting stuff for the shop and tight I'd run back in to get my wallet...no wallet...drove to airport, wallet was in airport office. Went to work for an hour, shop looks great BTW..went to airport, flew to SLC, rented rig...got upgraded to a suburban from a Kia...am sitting in a hotel somewhere between Park City and Vernal. Life will be back to normals this weekend and I might even blog about fishing again!

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