Friday, April 12, 2013


Been diggin' some fishing the last couple of days! Spent yesterday messing around on the Boulder and Shields with Tenkara and floated the Big Hole today. Kind of awesome choices just a short drive away from the home base.
The Boulder is low and clear right now, was yesterday anyway, and fish were stacked up pretty well down around Big Timber. Stonefly nymphs. Starting to spawn. Will be very good once it gets a little more water in there and it gets a little color to it. Lots of Didymo in there in the spring, so plan on checking your bugs if you are hitting the bottom a lot.
Went for a drive today and ended up on the Big Hole (lower Madison is dirty). We had a pretty good day overall with a pretty solid streamer bite at times, and a few hours of good dry fly eats on Skwalas. Also had some slow times, but I think we pretty much whacked 'em pretty good overall. Never messed with nymphs despite my begging at times to throw a zonker and worm.

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