Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Yesterday may have been the nicest day I can remember having in several years in terms of weather. 75, sunny, no wind, no boats,lots of fish, good clients. It really was a perfect day. Amazing how much my internal happy meter has changed since last week once. I felt like the annual spring beat down on the Mo fish was in fine form.
I had been thinking that my days on the oars were numbered, I\'m too old for this, I can\'t see tippet or flies smaller than a 12...so much like the Lahotian Cutties....I am on my way out. But, life is good once again and I\'ll probably keep rowing boats and tying crappy knots as long as people are willing to share their free time on the water with me...and pay me too.
Today was windy but the bite was tight and we kept it right. More skinny water nymphing today, little bit of sight fishing. Rainbows are spawning pretty big time in spots and the bugs just haven\'t been out when the wind isn\'t blowing like a mofo...so nymphing has been my routine.

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