Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So, WTF? Where have the rambling rambles gone? No hatred for FWP, license sales, glorified irrigation ditches, or garment manufacturers? No gossip or wonderings aloud about things that I should probably keep to myself. Just livin' the dream and appreciating the fact that it is my dream that I'm livin'.

This has actually been one of the most stressful 5 months in my life as I have embraced the role of being a dad, husband, son, and then fishing guide/fly shop dude. More days than not, I'm wiped out at the end of the day and although I have things to say and write about...in the end I just want to eat my ambient and sit out on the deck while the skies grow dark while puffing on an e-cig...of course. The world feels right these days and although my priorities may have shifted a bit, it's still that same old story about cold water keeping me "real."

Is anything like that feeling of Freedom that comes from the water? The birth of kids, love of wives, devotion of dogs, and friendships that transcend time have all made my life richer than I ever imagined it could be back the day while chewing on LSD and watching disco balls go 'round and 'round! Through it all though, it is that moment of realization  that comes to me when I look into water, pull on an oar, or stare in disbelief at slow riser just out of reach that reminds me that this is a moment that I will never have again and it was an amazing moment while it happened.

I head back to the MO tomorrow for a couple more days and then it's back to BA and then off to some seriously off the grid adventure in the Carribean with a group of dudes I know little about in a land that I know even less. Fish make me do things just a little different than most but I am blessed to call it all work!

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