Friday, May 17, 2013


My mind wandered a bit tonight while driving back from the Missouri in the rain. I miss my wife and kids more these days whenever I leave town. There's just something very cool about knowing that home is where I want to be. 
That said, I also realized tonight that tomorrow is the first opening day in many years that I won't be guiding on the Missouri. A text was sent, but my compatriot is stuck with in-law duties. So, one more year will go by without getting out of the tent at 3 am to go stand in my spot to secure my 6 square feet of Beverhead tomorrow morning. I have many fond memories of looking at that old pump house as the sun comes up on opening day.
I'll sleep in tomorrow, knowing that some other asshole is Googaning up the run with a bunch of buddies, thumping fish. I wouldn't mind being one of those Googans in the morning, however.
The MO was off the charts good today, BTW.

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