Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Off to somewhere tomorrow, wont know 'til we get there I guess. Was thinking a no tell 'em, then Salmonflies on Upper, then the Beav came to mind, now maybe the Jefferson. I guess we'll sort it in the morning, but its been a week or something since I fished last and that just seems like too long right now.
Shop life has been busy enough so that I feel like I'm always behind. Stupid stuff too like databases, protocols, training, and other minutia...not much talking fishing in my world the last few days. Sure, I think about big bugs and the life aquatic, but I live in Windows. I probably live more on the water than in Windows, but its never quite enough.
WTF is this picture of? A sneak preview of a mudbug 5+ years in the making. Its our lower madison mascot, version 1

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