Tuesday, July 23, 2013


To the Yellowstone we roamed today in search of slow risers with red marks on their faces. The river was busier than I had expected it to be and has dropped quite a bit since last week. With the warm weather of the last several days, my optimism for an afternoon bite was quite low. So, we had some fish coming up here and there to small dries, yellows and purples, most of the morning and switched to pink hoppers mid-day and continued to find some fish coming up here and there too. Not an epic day, but I think we still managed 15-20 fish in the net with several misses, near strikes, and dinks on too.
There is a fire getting bigger south of Dome Mountain which was the only source of clouds today. Other than that, I did let one of the anglers row for a spell today during which I had a beautiful brown slowly come to the fly, hover, and then finally eat. Saw a herd of elk near Pt. of Rocks along with the usual suspects like Ospreys, Eagles, Antelope, Mink, etc.

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