Thursday, July 25, 2013


Another good day on the Yellowstone despite the heat, googans, and some weeds starting down low. How low? Not quite North Dakota but closer to Billings than Bozeman. A very good bite on stonefly nymphs and lightning bugs with just a couple on hoppers for some reason. They were eating the nymphs really, really well today for some reason. I'm not exaggerating with some guide bs either, they were eating and eating whenever we got over fast water with a ledge. Tried hopper quite a bit and had just a few lookers and eaters, maybe its to hot for the fish to come all the way up and I should have tried a sunken hopper, but then again, they were eating the crap out of nymphs. One gold eye, no whiteys, and a crapload of 12-16 inch rainbows and browns. A crapload is much more than a bunch. Yeah, it's starting to get weedy down there, streamer fishing would probably be a a pain, but not so bad for nymphing and dries.
Googans? Watch wicked tuna. Googans drive 23' jet boats this time of year on the stone. They pack up into 10 rafts and swim/roll down juicy banks. They have dogs that pee on your trailer in the morning. Googans, googans, googans. Not all googans are bad but bad googans make honkies seem much more desirable.
One of my guides headed up to the MO today, fished for an hour and the client wanted to come back to BA as the combo of people, frog water, and weeds was just a bit too much. I hear it is Sloppy up there right now. Would be nice if someone gave the brothers some water up there and farmers decided that irrigating sucks around here. We've been lucky so far as the Yellowstone has been fishing as well as ever and the Upper Madison dam dudes have been running some water up there. The rest of the state ain't looking so great right now, we are fortunate to have so many plan B's around here...but we do have some Googans.

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