Tuesday, July 30, 2013


7:00 am meeting time this morning...nothing crazy. 8 goes by, no dude, call to dude gets voicemail, 8:30 same, 9:00..oh yeah I overslept says dude, be there in 30 min. Wants to do the upper, Lyon's is kind of only choice that late in the day, so Lyons we go. 45th boat down the river. Fish going apeshit for Spruce Moths first mile. Fish cops on the water...I'm all good and off we go. Fish quit going apeshit for anything, winds pick up, clouds come in, lightning comes in...thunder too. Hide under a tree...watching spruce moths fall in the water (not being eaten). Get some fish to eat blue nymphs (why?). Wind blows more, we go fast. Sun pokes out, wind dies down, a couple fish eat Chubbies...we are at the boat ramp. Drive to Ennis, it's 7:30 then....2 Chili Lovers Corndogs and bag of Chips chased with a Fresca...the peach kind FYI. Drop dude at shop, come home and here I am.
Just got my H2 906 Tip flex, it's a sick rod...in the good kind of way that a skater dude says sick. I knew the rod was amazing (that's why I bought it), but the real surprise was the new Rio Perception line that I put on the reel (Mirage III if you are wondering). The line is an awesome nymphing line, from the taper design (mends very nicely) to the coatings. But...wait, here is the really amazing part...the core is some kind of high tech something or other that I cant recall right now but the jist of it is that it has no stretch to it...Sounded not so good to me to start with, but it allows for very quick hook sets which I do see people struggle with...everyday. Maybe revolutionary, need more play time.
Fried my Canon S95 a few weeks ago, but not to worry as the personal articles rider on my homeowners covers all my camera stuff. So, like a good neighbor for $200 a year, off to the camera store I went and got a Nikon p7700 to replace it and my obsolete G11. Awesome point and shoot, but Lightroom 3 (my version) doesn't support it so therefore...no pics tonight or yesterday. Oblivion here I come

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