Monday, August 05, 2013


Thoughts on today? Hmmm? Drove way the hell away in hopes of a hopper bite here and there with intermittent stonefly nymphing success. Enjoyed the sunrise and had happy thoughts in regards to my life and the day ahead. Boat ramp reality check.
I witnessed firsthand the Nascarification of this "quiet sport" in terms of boat wraps, wader uppers, and two-hander anglers. My boat is bad enough with it's sparkle bling bling, but the one I saw today literally made me throw up a little bit... in my mouth. Kind of put me sour on the day ahead. Add a mass of floating weeds and not a single hopper lookie and you get the picture..
Still a lot of midnight stones on the banks, under rocks, etc. and the fish were eating the nymphs well enough, but there were some issues with floating weeds. The stone weeds are really kind of like giant plumes of tangled EP fibers and the old swat technique does not work. The flies were clean enough   of the time so that enough fish found there way to them, but it could have been better. Lots of little Rainbows and a couple of whiteys getting fired up about the good times ahead for them in a month or two.
I don't really like whitefish, to be honest. They stink, they don't fight, and they are kind of gross with their slithery scaly nonsense. I would rather see a foul hooked bullhead, channel cat, sturgeon, or even carp to the boat than another whitefish. They are only day savers for those that suck, for the rest of the world....they are a disappointment....unless you own a good guttin' knife and a smoker, then they have some value to someone...not me.
Hopefully the hopper bite will turn on soon as it is time.

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