Saturday, August 24, 2013


Started the day off nice and early with the destination of the lower in mind. After a brief delay, we still manged to get out there pretty early considering the status of a group that was slightly hungover, yet motivated. Sure, there may have been some puking in the parking lot at 6:15 am, but the troops rallied hard and made a day out of it nevertheless.
The fish were eating well today on sculpins and worms, no weight. Skinny water, buckets, runs, seedbeds, etc. River cleaener uppers were doing their thing - which is greatly appreciated as the tubers generally do a number on the river in terms of abandoned flip flops, beer cans, and trash in general.
Laughs a plenty, hookups galore, and fish eating worms...perfect day.
I'm off to VT in the morning to attend some wholesale meetings at the BIG O mothership...kind of excited to tour the rod shop and do some chit chatting with all the O showers!

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