Monday, August 26, 2013


Yesterday was a travel shit show of a day which will forever be known as the "Albany Incident" in the annuls of TSAdom. But the was yesterday and today is today.
I am here in Vermont attending a wholesale dealers meeting hosted by Orvis. Today was filled with meetings, seminars, and looking at new product for 2014. There are dealers from around the country here and its been a great networking opportunity so far. There is so much fly fishing history here, hell history in general as all these building were built in the early 1800's. The "east coast" is such a different world than Bozeman and the west that I often just don't even associate it with being "American." You start driving around and its hard not to realize that this is very much America and that Orvis has been around a very long time. We are touring the rod shop tomorrow which will be a great experience to actually see where some of the finest "made in the USA rods are built by actual American human beings!
Cool stuff for next year includes a couple more version of sonic-weld waders, a made in the USA CFO reel, new wading boots with a Jstep rubber sole (I tested a couple of years ago and found the soles to be extra "grippy" and are finally coming to market), Clearwater two-handers at $325, and the fiberglass noodles which are silly fun to fish dries with just about anywhere.

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