Thursday, August 29, 2013


Back in BA for a few weeks and then off to Missoula towards the end of the month. Always much nicer to be home than not at home. Matty is back from his couple of weeks with the grandparents and lie is back to normal. We went to the MSU football game tonight and left at halftime with them being up a billion to two to something like that.
Had the chance to fish a small stream in Vermont yesterday which was a first for me. When weighing the options for a short day, I opted for the little stream and native Brook Trout as it was something I'd never done before. I've caught plenty of Brookies in my days, but never a native one in their original habitat. The size was not impressive, but the colors of the fish and the whole experience was really one I'll always appreciate having done. We fished pocket after pocket with tiny fish slapping at the fly and found a few big enough to get the fly in their mouth. The water was stunning, the scenery stunning, companionship awesome, and the fish were really fun too. Had a couple good hours and then an epic little rain system came over, drenching both anglers and a walk to the car, ride to hotel, lift to the airport, and I was home. A shop day or two is order and back on the sticks I go, can't wait to be honest!

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