Saturday, August 31, 2013


The sun is coming up later than it was last week and a lot later than it was a few weeks ago. With the hoot owl restrictions still in place on the lower, an early start is the only way to go. Truth is, it has been fishing better than everything else around, there aren't many whitefish, and its easy to get on, get some fish, and be home before the heat of the day settles in.
I fished with a couple of good guys today with little and no fly fishing experience. Did the drill with the casting lesson and fighting fish dry land grind and headed out. Scuplins, worms, and little bugs. No complaints all around, except for the usual but they had excuses because they were really nice and had never done it before. I'll take new anglers and nice dudes any day over bad anglers and pricks! I have no idea how many we landed but I know we hooked up a lot, lost plenty, landed plenty, and had some good laughs all around. Kind of what it's all about!

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