Monday, September 02, 2013


Not Today
Had a wild hair today and headed a little bit off the grid. Lots of fish early and slower afternoon, enough to keep it interesting all day, but especially in the morning. Feeling good about a few days in the shop coming my way to work on taxes, fly preseason orders, and hopefully some napping in my office.
Keep thinking about bananas. It's well documented bad luck having bananas on a boat, especially a fishing trip on a boat. Seems like most people are savvy to this phenom, but there are plenty that just don't believe. On Friday, one of the guys pulled out a banana a few hours into the morning, we had been whacking fish but there was still cause for alarm. We continued to get the fish pretty well and he scoffed at the banana rule. He pulled another one out and said it doesn't matter...the bite went south. It's a simple rule, just dont bring bananas on boats. There is a lot of history and support for this angling axiom, so don't call it Superstitious.

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