Tuesday, September 17, 2013


How is it possible that I just got home and am already packing again for another couple weeks of the road warrior / guide life? I awoke this morning with that crappy sore throat and gurgling stomach feeling which progressed quickly downhill throughout the day. Came home to rest and was awoke by fierce thundershowers and hail which quickly reminded me that no matter how bad I feel...I could be stuck on a river right then but I was lying in bed which didn't seem so bad at the time.
Other than that, had a complete cluster$&%@ of an afternoon trying to get guides and shop staff scheduled as we had a whole series of untimely events that rocked our schedule for the next 10 days or so. We are pretty much full in case you are looking for a trip in that time period BTW. The boy wonder (Steven) and I head out in the am for a couple weeks of work around Missoula, looking for rising fish to Hecubas and avoiding bicycling hippies on the roadways. Fishing around here is good right now, but it has rained pretty good the last few days and Im sure there will be some dirty water making it's rounds on the stone and the Gallatin.

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