Thursday, September 19, 2013


I got a good case of the late summer cold/flu crap which has made for a fun last couple of days. Driving all over the place and even doing some fishing, so I guess the sympathy vote will not be with me now that I stop and think about it. But still, runny nose, coughing, and eating Advil like skittles makes for some long days on the water.
We fished the lower Clark Fork yesterday in a 15-20 MPH upriver wind and got some fish to eat purple chubbies and little PT droppers. Was not too bad all said and done and we only floated a few miles late in the day. Saw some Hecubas on the water and several Spokanians too.
Headed up the Bitterroot today for some boat issues and to float the river as well. Was one of those days that just sucked, but the weather was awesome and we had the river to ourselves. The Tricos were winding down by the time we got on, but a few were fooled and then the bite got slow as we floated over fish after fish that was just glued to the bottom. Got a few to come up to purple flies and Hecuba dries. Nymphed up some whities, but it was pretty much a sucky bite overall. Steven did get one nice Westslope on a Hecuba dry late in the day, so I guess it didnt totally suck for him, mostly just me that it sucked for. 

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