Saturday, October 19, 2013


Ended up heading down to YNP today with the family and successfully negotiated one of those moves where I get dropped off by the side of the road while they do the driving around thing. I happened to get dropped off on the Madison with all my gear, so I had a few hours of fishing to myself. It was cold enough that I really didn't want to change too many rigs or work too hard so a worm and firebead was my go to rig. I ended up getting a dozen or so good fish in a couple of hours, lost 2 very large browns at my feet, not exaggerating...they were both in the 24-26" range.
The rest of the story includes tripping over a rock next to the bank and falling straight in with a slight doggie paddle going on to keep my head from going under in about 1' of water. Glad that I was alone for that one. The river was a s crowded as I've seen it before with people in all the good spots and a whole lot of them in the crappy spots too. I got lucky and snuck into a honey hole between two groups of dudes and noone was the wiser. There were a lot of BWO's and fish rising steadily to them, after I got dunked and I had no motivation to tie a dry on.
It was a good day for me during which I was able to stop and look around while appreciating the incredible journey of my life that lead me to that spot in YNP on this day. I really like living where I do and I think I like to fish moreso than anything else these days.

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