Thursday, October 24, 2013


Been working on fly order the last few days and drowning in the minutiae of running a global empire. So, had an old buddy come into town for a few days of getting after it on the water before winter hits. Very sunny and mild weather this time of year usually makes me look towards areas where browns are feeling particularly frisky and YNP has always been one of my favorites for this type of activity.
We headed out early and made a mad dash to West and were the 23rd vehicle of fisherman entering the park beyond the Barnes Pools by 8:15...there was a ranger doing secondary entry inspections for some reason. Got to the honey hole first, just before a couple truckloads of dudes rolled in so just in time in other words. Walked to the hole and realized we left our flies and terminal tackle in the truck so my buddy stood in the water while I walked back and got the goods. Got back, started fishing, realized I missed a guide on the rod while rigging after I lost my first fish. Things settled and I started getting on them, but lost most of them either to bad knots or poor hook setting. I never really recovered but the old bro' did and he dropped the hammer on a number of nice bows and one good brown that was one of the fattest 20" fish I've ever seen...very lakey looking. Not much on eggy stuff, in fact LGM was the fly of choice for fish on our lines all day.

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