Monday, November 25, 2013


Tried to get the 6 yr. old for a few hours yesterday, you know, something easy. We headed to the lower about 11:30, got there and it was a slush fest but the forecast called for a warm afternoon. Decided to head to Ennis, thinking the upper might not be so bad but didn't have time to go too far up. Got to Ennis around 1 and the river was full of slush too. We made a few casts, but his snoopy spinner kept getting stuck on floating ice and my nymphs just laid on top of the floating stuff too. Made a stop at Town Pump for a gas-up and E-Cig reload, young'n napped.
Got back to the lower and things had settled in terms of slush, but the river was pretty dirty. We stopped, I caught a fish while Matty tried to not step off the ice shelves. Lots of hunters out there yesterday and plenty of anglers in the afternoon too. I had to listen to my boy talk crap all afternoon about how far he could sling his spinner…the apple did not fall far with that one.

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