Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Spent most of the day reeling from the after effects of watching the season finale of SOA on ambien. I had no idea it was two hour event until midnight. I haven't seen 1:30 am in many many years. I think I ate 9 pounds of almonds last night.
On the fishier side of things…just finished some freebie book by Zane Grey called Tales of Fishes. I have been meaning to read something of his for many years know after I stumbled across some of his writings on fishing in NZ several years ago. Anyway, he was a big shot writer of westerns back at the turn of the century before last, but he fished a lot too.
His stories are fishing stories of days and places that I believe are no longer what they were when he told of his tales. However, his anecdotes - comments about the moments, the experiences, and the persona of an angler are startlingly familiar. I don't know that I've ever felt such a connection to a fishing story as I found in those pages. Amazing to me as he describes the mind of an angler today as that of one 100 years ago. It made the world feel smaller and my insanity truer, if possible.

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Should Fish More said...

He fished the Rogue River in Oregon quite a bit for steelhead. As a kid in the late 50's I stayed with my dad in his cabin at Winkle bar less than 30 years after he stayed there.