Monday, December 30, 2013


It has been awhile my friends, hope all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. I've been busy with family obligations including keeping a 6 year old busy with presents and holiday fun, traveling across the state with everyone to see my 14 year old, and generally trying to keep it all together.
Also, we bought a bunch of used fixtures from the bank auction of GYF's stuff. That was a stressful experience, picking through a former competitor's leftovers! But, a couple days of moving and sorting netted in some good scores for us in terms of some killer new fixtures. Now, we've been trying to sort out how to use them to hopefully better merchandise our already packed space.
And of course, the database project just seems to resemble an onion more and more. The more you peel…the more layers there are. But, we are making progress.
All of this and very little talk of fishing. But, I have the week off with my 6 year old and weather permitting, we should have a few hours here and there for some lower Madison time. I've been hearing some good reports the last few days in the shop…
Finally, I am also trying to get organized for some fishing shows that I will be at towards the end of January. These are the classic fly fishing shows and we are going to have a booth, peddling our guide service and some closeout merchandise (if I can figure out how to do state sales taxes in MA and NJ). Part of that process has been pretty exciting for us as we have been developing a new logo for the shop over the last couple of months with the help of Deyoung and a team of graphic designers (me). Getting ready to send the first proof to the real graphic designer soon.
So, it's been busy around here and I felt the need to come up for air this morning! Hope everyone is well and that the fishing has been good for you this Holiday Season.

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