Wednesday, January 08, 2014


Had a sleepless night last night and awoke early this morning and did some surfing of ye ol' web. Not much actually, just a bit. One of my pet peeves was awoken after muddling through the junk.
I've always had a tick in my gut when people start talking about over-lining rods, especially fast action rods. The theory is that a heavier line loads the rod more easily than the "recommended" line weight. It definitely works, so I'm not opposed to the idea. BUT, why buy a rod that you need to overline by 2-3 line weights to cast? Why not just buy a rod that you can cast? Or better yet…learn to cast…or learn to teach people to cast. The rod becomes something other than what it was meant to do when you practice such nonsense! Want to throw an 8 wt line? Buy an 8 wt. Can't feel a rod load? Pause more or truer. But don't try to outsmart the smarts that built the tool. Just sayin'

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