Saturday, August 23, 2014


Ok, I won't lie…I've been suffering form a little bit of a sore jj the last week…thank god for those convenient wipes saving me from the embarrassment of toting that nasty tube around. I have been tired and worn out, with no desire left in me to blog, report, or share anything with the world. Feeling bigger and better and rougher and tougher this morning though. Possibly as I have a couple days off the sticks starting tomorrow and the schedule is lean most of next week or possibly because I only took one ambien last night and my head is clear this morning.
The past few days have been characterized by good fishing at times, with periods of nothingness in between.. The weather changed quite a bit a couple days ago, bringing cooler temps and rain into the region. So, most of the rivers have come up a little bit, water temps have started to drop, and we are starting to see some more bugs moving around once again.
I fished the lower stone a few days ago, never had much of a hopper bite, rubber leg bit was alright, probably fished dries too long that day. Down there the other day in the rain, good morning fishing, followed by a shutdown once increased water flows caught up with us after lunch. Lower yesterday, good morning bite on random little bugs, good bite on tight line scuplins, weedy though. Lots of boats out there as everyone is expecting muddy water on the stone.
Looking at a rain-filled day in the 50's…streamers?

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