Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Yesterday was an exhausting day on the lower Madison as the weeds finally decided to come loose and the river was a mess. Could hardly get a drift without weeds covering our rigs, so fishing was tough and monotonous. The only rig I could keep clean was a wire worm and little bug with 2 BB's…tough to fish in 12" of water, but were able to get a few out of the buckets later in the day. Whipped me though.
How do you follow that up? Headed elsewhere today. Solid streamer fishing most of the day, despite the wind which was ripping...if you wonder. Poked a couple biggies, landed enough 15-17 inch fish and one that almost made 20. Water is in great shape, actually kind of cold, weed free. Hoping to catch a break tomorrow and that some clean water on the Yellowstone is not as hard to find as a brown eating hoppers below Varney.
All in all, a good day today with a good dude in the boat that hadn't thrown streamers much before. Fished the little Nicky from ramp to ramp which is always fun as I feel a little dirty every time I see that fly swim and it's bright enough that you just can't stop watching it.

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