Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Just another Manic Monday…guess it's Tuesday, thug, so never mind.
Fished over there, that way today. Th home of 7 fish and a moose. Fish were on the grub today so we ended up having a day that would qualify as a good day anywhere. Nymphing with junk and junk on the line, no I won't say what the junk was as you should probably not fish it anyway…to low…too weedy…too hot too. Maybe, maybe not.
Lots of laughs between fish and the realization, once again, that life is good were the highlights of the day. Only downside of the day was when I went for a little walk up a bank, lost a croc, lost my footing and crashed hard in 4" of water, nearly drowning! Jammed a couple fingers and whacked my elbow. Thank God I am one tough MF, as most guys would have quit and ran crying to the road with hopes of catching a passing EMT. Me? I just powered through it, that's what I do. Just like I'm going to do today as the wind and snow comes in, rally time.

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