Sunday, October 12, 2014


The week was a bit hectic, but made it through it…how 'bout them Cowboys?
Nice to have some wintery weather around last night and today, makes me happy to not be rowing a boat. But, I do have a trip on Tuesday, which will be good so long as the weather is alright. I don't care how many layers or dry crap I wear…there just comes a point when trout fishing is meant to be down with flip flops. I'm not to the point where waders and beanies seem preferable.
Water has been in good shape the last week though and there continues to be a lot of people heading out somewhere in search of fish. From the sounds of it, the upper has been fishing well with some nice fish eating streamers while the egg and worm stuff is good too…especially up higher in the river where that kind of thing dominates angler's rods this time of year. The lower keeps on fishing well. The Gallatin must be busy as we are selling lots of prince nymphs and purple hazes. The Madison in the park has been solid, a few people around there too from the sounds of it. So, think about what was written and maybe go someplace not mentioned this week…not the Ruby though.
The guys made it back to town today and I am looking forward to hearing their tales and having them back around. I go to LA on Wednesday!

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