Thursday, October 30, 2014


One of those days today that just aren't enough of. It's refreshing to not have to whine about spreadsheets and database BS today. The only reason I haven't been posting much lately is that other than whining about pivot tables and software linkers, I have not had much to write about.
However, I made plans to fish today and fish I did. No wind, partly cloudy, good buddy, pretty scenery, and just enough fish eating to make it all feel good. Hard to believe that it turned out so well as the day really started off with some cops and a call to 911. We got to play good samaritans and help the fuzz track down some kids on the run, almost saw one of them get Tazed but I think he realized he was had just before the trigger was pulled. Always something going on at 4-Corners.
The fishing on the upper was good today with wire worms and eggs. What more can one ask for? A couple streamer tugs, but I always have a hard time walking away from a bang bang hole when fish are eating wire worms with a couple split shot. Nothing better for me than to get into that transient mental zone of bobbertopia while wading in a river.

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