Monday, December 01, 2014


Feels like I've been in the jungle for the last two weeks with no internet when it comes to Blogtopia. Truth is that I have sent the better part of the last two years in a seemingly endless rabbit hole of a digital hell and blogging has been bumped in the priority list. Life and priorities are apparently ever-changing. I long for the nights of ambien rants regarding the evilness of government agencies, broken dreams, and the occasional grasp on something real gained through the life aquatic. I'm tired of SEO, CSV, POS, and strategic plannery…I just want to fish a wire worm with a bead egg about 2" up and an AB split shot through a never ending series of trout-filled Redds…but I can't even do that with a guilt-free conscience anymore. Things are always changing.
The family and I went to Texas for the Turkey Day celebration to spend it with family - got home yesterday. Turns out it was a much needed vacation for me as I ended up relaxing and gaining some clarity on life. Funny how watching your kids act like goofs, throwing a football around, and shooting some ducks can do that for me. We went to the Cowboys vs. Eagles game…disappointing on many hands but worth it all to watch my 7 year old vibrate in his chair with excitement and to see my 15 year old jump out of his seat and cheer during the one good play of the day. Took the 7 year old duck hunting with me and my dad a couple of mornings and discovered that 5:30 am can be pretty fun while painting your son's face with camo.
Came home to sub-zero weather and frozen rivers. The rabbit hole is still there, but it seemed like I had a safety rope attached today as I was able to climb out when the time was up. Looking forward to going to work tomorrow, which is a different experience than the last several weeks. Not looking forward to an ambient-free night this evening, however.

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