Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Headed east today, over the pass with a day at Depuy's on my mind. I was thinking that the weather was going to be miserable, but at least we would have it more or less to ourselves. The weather was great until 2pm and there were a lot of other dudes running around. One guy walked out right in front of me and started fishing about 30 yards up, I thought it was my buddy and I gave him the outstretched "how big" hand question. The guy gave me one of those head tucks, wave, and then sulked otto the next run up. I tried to catch him, but he was gone. As I walked back downstream, the thought occurred to me that that dude was not my buddy and thus thought I was probably giving him the universal hands up expression for WTF. Once again, I rambled through the day pissing off somebody without the slightest intention.
Fishing was alright on nymphs, got a gonga eater, had some gonga attempt-to-eaters. My first day on the water in 2015 was better than my last day on the water in 2014. Storm blew in at 2, windy, frigid, done.

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