Friday, January 30, 2015


Had the chance to get out on the lower yesterday as I skipped work to go hang out with a buddy. One of the first days I've had during the off-season to go out to the lower and the wind was not blowing, the river was not dirty, and the temperatures were pleasant. Only complaint I had about the day - and this would be me looking for something to whine about - was that my feet got cold as I was wearing some thing socks. I fished well, could find all of my stuff, and the fish were eating well enough. Weather was awesome and river was in great shape.
Looking forward to some potentially winter weather returning to the area in the coming days. Hopefully it blows and snows like hell the next few days as I will be in Phoenix with my youngest son to go to the Super Bowl. Got a good deal on a couple of tickets and the little guy is a football-savant, so he is pretty excited. Gets me to thinking about all the cool stuff I've done with my dad over the years, hoping to have some of those moments with my kids now that they are of age.

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