Thursday, February 26, 2015


I had another daddy daycare day today with kids out of school. The little dude had a field trip to Bridger and the big dude had the day off because of a Bball tournament. So, we all ended up a Bridger for a few hours this morning. It was cold smoke…more cold than smoke.
Got me to thinking about how much happier I am to be able to be in the life aquatic on a year-round basis. I like snow, I like skiing, but I love fishing. So glad that I don't have an off-season gig that actually turns out to be my real job and fishing being the seasonal gig.
The family and I head to Mexico for spring break the week after next. Normally, we end up going to these places that sound awesome on paper, but in reality are just an over-priced place for fat, white people to walk around in baggy clothes. The trend continues this year with the exception being that we are finally heading someplace with a possibility of some on-water time by WGFF and his sproutlings.
My first flats trip was to Pesca Maya lodge near Ascension Bay, back in 2002...I believe. Went with my dad and some people from Bozeman, spent a week walking flats, catching bonefish, one big snook, and having my eyes opened to the reality of a great big world, covered by water. The fishing didn't change my life that trip, but my life did change after that trip.
I was unhappily married and felt stuck in life - even though I was following my dream, owned my own biz, had sobriety, a young son, and a lifetime of friends - and coming to understand the futility of spinning my wheels through life. I was divorced with a year of that trip and never really looked back. It was after that trip to the Yucatan when I woke up to the fact that I only have one chance to live life, so I better live it or quit complaining. No one ever lies on their deathbed thinking that they had too much fun, did too many things, saw too much, or caught too many fish.
With all of that in mind, I was able to successfully negotiate a one night/two day fishing side trip to Pesca Maya with my two sons. They get tired of hearing stories, seeing the pictures, and wondering when they will get their turn. So, we are taking some Zebco's, fly rods, flies, plugs, and jigs in search of whatever it is that I seem to find on my way to fish. I hope that they maybe find some of what I've found along the way.

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