Thursday, April 09, 2015


Nothing of any importance in life happened today. Drove to the Jefferson and watched my buddy brave  a deepwater crossing in pursuit of a couple of dinks. Scared some geese off their nests…inadvertently.
Ended up on the lower in the afternoon where we got some fish on worms…big surprise there. I may have lost a bet in regard to fish numbers landed, but I was handicapped by numbers and on a tight time restriction too.
Little bit of clouds came over and I found some fish eating BWO's and got them to eat.
In digging through my flies last night, I stumbled upon a BWO pattern that I used to fish a lot. It's just a parachute BWO, but with a black post. I had forgotten how much easier it is to see a black post on cloudy days. I actually was back to feeling good about my prospects as a fly fishing guide after fishing that fly today. I can see again!
Looked like the clouds were rolling in right about the time we had to leave...

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