Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Living it up on the Missouri the last few days. The weather came in yesterday, bringing the constituent wind from the north, clouds, and cooler air. The wind kind of sucks, to be honest. The clouds are alright and the cooler air is pretty nice too. More BWO's than anything else on the water today, enough bugs to get the little baby geese going into a feeding frenzy mid-afternoon. Fishing is good, scuds and little bugs for me, fishing seams with deep rigs, shallow rigs on banks. Not much in the way of a solid streamer bite, but some tugs here and there. Enough people to let me know that I'm on a western Tailwater and to wonder about how crowded the Yellowstone is probably not right now and it's probably fishing really, really well.
Everything else aside though, there is nowhere else I would have rather spent the day than on this river with my angler for the day. No matter how jaded my brain becomes at times, watching people shake with excitement at a rising fish or a disappearing indicator is really the stuff that makes this south an awesome life.

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