Sunday, May 17, 2015


I wrapped up the week on the Missouri last Thursday and made it back to BA later that night. Thursday ended up being on elf the best yet in terms of the weather and the bite. No wind and fish eating Wire Worms with commitment. As the day progressed, the fish switched to feeding high run the water column and ended the day with a feeding frenzy on top as BWO's came off in blankets. The only two flies needed that day were a wire worm and last chance BWO cripple.
Rain decided to show up Friday night which resulted in some family camping trip cancellations which resulted in eating Pizza and watching crappy movies with my kids.
I did manage to sneak away yesterday for a couple hours of banging away on some rested fish up near Lyon's Bridge. It was the third Saturday opener and my dog decided that he needed to go out at 4am. Unable to go back to sleep, I decided to hell with out and made the mad dash…I had to be back for a flag football game at 11:00 am.
Turns out it was snowing up around Lyon's and I was the first rig in the parking lot. I hiked for about 45 minutes with 10" of snow packed on my felt-soled shoes and fished from 7-8, landed somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 fish on wire worms about 3" under an indicator on 3' of 2X and I had no other tippet with me. The bite was tight to say the least.
I head back to Craig later today for a couple more days this week and then it winds down for me as my focus will shift back to the shop and working some hopefully high water around Bozeman. This cold weather as of late should be a very good thing for our rivers and fish over the next month. Let it rain low and snow high for as long as it wants!

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